HIPAA Training & Education

Under the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, certain members of Indiana University are required to obtain training related to the regulatory obligations of HIPAA. The training requirements must be met at the time of hire and on an annual basis. These personnel include:

  • Faculty, staff, students, affiliates, and volunteer positions in an IU HIPAA Covered Component;
  • Faculty, staff, and students in certain health sciences schools or Critical Health Data Areas; and
  • Any employees that work with or access systems with Protected Health Information (PHI), individually identifiable patient data protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This module counts toward the annual training requirement.

Online and offline HIPAA training options are listed below.

In-person and other training options

Training AvailableDeliveryAdditional Information
HIPAA Training within a Unit/DepartmentIn-personUniversity Compliance - HIPAA Training
If you are in an IU HIPAA Covered Component or Critical Health Data Area, a formal in-person HIPAA training may be approved for the annual HIPAA training requirement. Your unit/department's HIPAA Liaison must have documentation to support your attendance.

You can contact the University HIPAA Privacy Officer at 812-856-0340 or hipaa@iu.edu to request training for a group of individuals if in-person training is desired or to approve a live training for the annual HIPAA training requirement.
Training AvailableDeliveryAdditional Information
HIPAA Training through Health Care AffiliatesIn-personUniversity Compliance - HIPAA Training
HIPAA training completed through IU Health or IU Health Physicians will count towards IU's annual HIPAA training requirement. To receive credit for that training, the individual must provide documentation of attendance to their unit's HIPAA liaison.

Viewing & Printing IU's E-Training Certificates

Go to your Dashboard in Canvas/IU Expand:

Once logged-in, you will see your completed courses.  Under the completed course information, if the certificate is valid, there will be a small gold seal and the course name. Next to the course name, there are two options (1) View or (2) Download.

  • Click on:  View - the certificate will open in a window
  • Click on:  Download - a PDF version of the certificate will be downloaded